Clarifier - Used Equipment: Parkson Used Clarifier, Model 300/55, 120 GPM maximum flow ,

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Parkson Used Clarifier,  Model 300/55, 120 GPM maximum flow , 300 square feet of settling area set a 55 degree angle with plastic settling plates, epoxy coated exterior and interior, 6’’ Outlet/Inlet, gravity in/out design, 3’’ sludge outlet. Unit is missing lower part of back legs. They will be replaced with reconditioning.  

 Overall Dimensions 14’ H x 11’ L x 6’ W.  No flocculation tank or mixer.

Add New Floc Tank and Mixer: $3,750

Add New Parkson Style Floc Tank with Flash Mixer and Slow Mixer Rake: $6,900


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Parkson Used ClarifierParkson Used ClarifierParkson Used ClarifierParkson Used Clarifier

*All reconditioned equipment comes with a 30 day warranty