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Clarifier for boarding school's self-contained sanitary waste treatment system.
Clarifier for boarding school's self-contained sanitary waste treatment system.


Boarding School


We were contacted by a consultant to see if we could provide a clarifier for a sanitary waste treatment application.  A new boarding school needed to put in a self-contained sanitary waste treatment system to handle all water sources generated at their facility. They could not use a septic tank and there was no city sanitary system. 


The project consultant knew a clarifier was mandatory for the system.  We worked with them to determine the appropriate equipment and sizing to accommodate their application.  We were faced with space constraints and we needed to determine how the clarifier should run in order to accommodate the anticipated flow rate.


Diaphragm Pump on Clarifier Sludge Blowdown System
Diaphragm Pump on Clarifier Sludge Blowdown System

Met-Chem designed and built two 120 GPM clarifiers with custom catwalks and flocculation tanks.  The catwalks were built to fit within their space limitations and to overlook and operate the waste treatment system.  The Met-Chem clarifiers were used in parallel in order to meet the flow rate.  At the request of the consultant, we needed to increase the retention time in the flocculation tanks.  Generally, Met-Chem clarifiers have a floc tank that is connected to the unit.  In this application, the floc tanks were “stand-alone” units.  The floc tank size was increased and also included rake mixers instead of the standard slow RPM mixers.  These modifications helped to increase the floc tank retention time by more than 2-1/2 times.

Met-Chem provided drawings that were reviewed, signed and stamped by a professional engineer to signify compliance with that state’s standards. 

The results were successful.  We were able to meet all of the criteria as determined by the consultant.  A clarifier is one of the most integral parts of any waste treatment system.  The efficiency of the Met-Chem clarifier, enabled the entire system to operate effectively.

Clarifiers, the inclined parallel plate design, manufactured by Met-Chem  is used as part of a wastewater treatment system for solids settling.  They are constructed of carbon steel with coal tar epoxy lining on the inside, and epoxy coating on the exterior. The internal plate packs are set at 60 degrees for optimum settling and are constructed of a coal tar epoxy-coated steel shell with plastic plates.

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