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A Clean Lagoon is a Good Lagoon

The Client: 

Fiberboard Manufacturer

The Problem: 

Their existing system could not handle the volume of paper pulp being generated.  They needed to clear out the sediment that was accumulating in their lagoon. 

The solids accumulating in the lagoon were a violation of the environmental regulations.

The Process: 

The direction of this project was customer driven.  The customer had a good idea of what equipment was needed.  From the beginning, they knew they needed a filter press and clarifier.  Met-Chem then requested a sample of their slurry and ran a subsequent filter press test in order to determine the best filter cloth for this application. 

The Solution: 

Met-Chem provided a 150 GPM Clarifier and a 15 Cu. Ft., 800MM automatic hydraulic Filter Press (expandable to 20 cu. ft.).  The press included a diaphragm pump and automatic pump control system, sludge disposal chute, conveyor system for moving solids, as well as two catwalks. Met-Chem not only built the requested equipment but our crew also handled the installation, start-up and debugging.  Our installation crew installed all of the interconnecting piping, while our engineers prepared the necessary drawings and paperwork.  The customer had purchased various component parts in addition to the Clarifier and Filter Press they purchased from Met-Chem to make this equipment operate as a system.  Our onsite crew took care of tying the system together. 

The clarifier removed and settled the solids from the wastewater so the clean water could be sent to the lagoon.  The solids from the bottom of the clarifier were pumped to the sludge thickener tank before being pumped to the filter press for solids dewatering.  These solids were hauled away to a non-hazardous landfill, so the lagoon would only receive clean water with no solids.

Met-Chem never brings in outside contractors for installation jobs.  Our team has extensive experience installing and troubleshooting wastewater treatment systems from small, batch operations to larger, continuous flow systems.