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No time to Waste - Emergency Filter Press Repair and Replacement

CASE STUDY: Filter Press – December 8, 2014


Broken Filter Press
Met-Chem has a large sewing factory on our premises to make any type of filter bag, filter press cloths or filter media

Ohio County Sanitary Waste Water Treatment System


Initially, the client had two filter presses that were not supplied by Met-Chem.  They ran into an emergency situation with one of their existing filter presses.  The filter press skeleton was broken.


The client contacted Met-Chem with an immediate need for repair.  Aside from the safety concerns of a damaged press, a filter press cannot run with a broken skeleton.  For this application, waste was continuously generated, which rendered this an emergency situation.  Therefore, it was imperative that Met-Chem provide an immediate response.   As our engineering team surveyed the situation on the broken filter press, we discovered an additional problem.  There were cracks in their second filter press.  The cracks indicated that the second filter press was running on borrowed time.  Some of their existing filter plates were still in good shape so we were able to re-use some of them in our proposal.  On the first press, since the plates and the skeleton were damaged that press required a complete replacement unit.  One of the other challenges we faced, was finding the filter plates that matched those that the client currently had.


Once the Met-Chem team determined an appropriate plan, we immediately went into action.  Our on-site crew was able to make emergency repairs in order to temporarily stabilize the broken filter press

While the repairs were being made at the job site, the manufacturing staff at our facility began construction of two new filter press skeletons which included stainless steel plate shifters and drip-trays  Each filter press frame was built to accommodate 1300mm plates with a total solids capacity of 125 cu. ft. each.  We were able to save the customer some money by reusing some of the plates that had not been damaged.

Met-Chem has a large sewing factory on our premises to make any type of filter bag, filter press cloths or filter media

Each filter press received new filter press cloths that were manufactured by our in-house sewing department. Our sewing room is well versed in the manufacture of a variety of filter press cloths.  They were able to easily fit cloths on all the plates.  The client stipulated that we use the same type of plates on the second press.  This would save them from having to deal with two different plate and cloth styles/configurations when it came time for maintenance. 

Met-Chem worked closely with the contractor in charge of the project from start to finish.  Our extensive expertise in building new equipment and reconditioning used equipment was essential in solving the client problems within a minimal amount of time.

Broken Filter Press:

Broken Filter Press
Broken Filter Press
Broken Filter Press

New Skeleton:


Filter Press Skeletons

Filter Press Skeleton
Filter Press Skeleton

Filter Press Controls and Filter Press Plates

Filter Press Controls, and Filter Press Plates