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Atmospheric Evaporators

The evaporation mechanism eliminates any small, entrapping passages. Up AND down-draft spraying at very high flow rates produces high evaporation at moderate temperatures.

An atmospheric evaporative tank is an excellent solution for wastewater reduction. It is free of complicated machinery and chemistry and can actually save money by recovering valuable drag-out.

Those looking for the greatest evaporation rates at a given temperature will choose an atmospheric evaporator for its high efficiency.

Dewatering of waste solutions can save the users of evaporative tanks thousands of dollars in disposal costs. Where the need is for only 3 to 4 gallons of evaporation per hour, no added heat is required. Heat for evaporation is taken from the room.

Applications and uses:

  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Industrial Evaporation
  • Chemical Evaporation
  • Oily Water Evaporation
  • Plating
  • Aggressive Solutions

Waste Solution Examples

  • cutting oils
  • printing ink & paint wash-water
  • spent chemical solutions
  • parts cleaning
  • DI & RO regeneration waste
  • air scrubber waste
  • air compressor condensation
  •  ink and dyes