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Filter Press



1.         How do I know when the filter press is full?  The diaphragm pump will get to 30 second to one minute intervals between thrusts, indicating that pressure has increased due to solids building up inside the press cavities.  This is your signal that the press is full.


3.         What is involved in routine filter press maintenance?  Cloth cleaning, dumping, check hoses and connections.


4.         When do the cloths need to be cleaned or replaced?  The filter cake will begin to become wet, slimy and not as dry.  This is your indicator that the cloths need to be cleaned.  (see number 5 for cleaning info).  If you have already cleaned your cloths and your process has not changed but you are still getting slimy filter cake, it may be time to replace your cloths.  Cloth life varies from installation to installation and depends on such variables as frequency of cycles, proper cleaning and maintenance and the type of sludge that is generated.  Generally speaking for most installations cloths can last up to 6 months at the most.


5.          Will I need to replace the plates?  Plates generally last years unless they become cracked, broken or warped.  It is good practice to examine the plates during press cleaning and dumping.


6.         Can I expand my press for larger loading capacity?  Expansion depends on a couple of factors.  First, if your press is already expandable, meaning you’re your press has a distance piece for expansion to a larger capacity, all you need to do is unbolt the distance piece and add additional plates in the 1-3 button sequence taking care that you add plates in even numbers.  However, if you have a Met-Chem press or your press has notched and bolted sidebars, then  it can also be expanded by removing the sidebars and replacing them with longer sidebars and installing additional plates.  Please note that when adding plates, you must be sure to add them in the 1-3 button sequence in order to provide proper drainage.


7.         Can I add more plates to my current press?  You may be able to add a couple of plates without expanding your sidebars if your press is not already expandable but care must be taken to ensure that you have adequate cleaning room when dumping the press and cleaning the cloths.


8.         How long is the cycle time?  Cycle time is dependent on solids loading and can take anywhere from 2-4 hours on average.  (Closer to four hours for typical metal hydroxide waste.)


9.         What can I do to ensure the driest possible filter cake?  Be sure cloths are cleaned as needed and the air blow-down system is run for a full cycle.  You may also wish to add a sludge dryer to your system.  A dryer accepts filter press cake and dries it further to provide up to a 4:1 sludge reduction.  (for more information on sludge dryers click the following link:


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