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Automatic Filter Press Pump Control System:

Filter Press Pump Control
Automatic Pump System Control Panel gradually increases the pump pressure up to 100 PSI for standard units. This allows for even filling of the filter chambers.

The Met-Chem Automatic Pump Control System is used in conjunction with an air operated diaphragm pump to automatically increase the feed pump pressure at predetermined intervals during the filter press filling cycle.  If the pump runs at a higher initial pressure, the filter cake will become a packed layer of solids on the filter cloth.  This will restrict the flow of the slurry thereby creating a very dense coating of the filter cake.  This can cause the cloths to blind off and not allow further filtration.  Starting at a lower feed pressure allows a soft layer of slurry particles to be deposited on the filter cloth.  This initial layer becomes the filtering media which will enhance the filterability of the incoming slurry.

The automatic pump control system automatically and gradually increases the feed pressure in four stages during the filling cycle.  These stages are adjustable to suit your slurry and solids concentration.  However, it is commonly set at increments of 25 psi.  (25, 50, 75, 100).  By monitoring the feed pump flow sensor, during the final pressure stage, the operator will be able to determine the cycle completion. 

The Automatic Pump Control System also incorporates a low hydraulic pressure safety shut down device.  If there is not enough hydraulic clamping pressure present, the system will completely shut down, eliminating any possible leaking from between the filter plates. 

The pump control system allows your filter press to run at its optimum efficiency creating dryer filter cakes, reducing disposal costs, reducing operator time and increasing the life of your filter cloths and feed pumps.

This system can be incorporated with a new filter press from Met-Chem, a used unit or even your own existing press.

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