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Start-Up Assistance/Installation

Design and build, load, ship, unload, install and rig electrical and plumbing connections in client facility.

The start-up and installation options are available with all Met-Chem waste treatment equipment.  We can provide full support as you get your system up and running.  We have installation technicians and technical representatives that we can send to your facility to make sure the system is running as it should based on the engineering and design.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Design and build the equimpent per your specs
  • Load, ship, and unload equipment
  • Install and rig equipment in facility
  • Electrical and plumbing connections
  • Train employees
  • Debug any issues and solve any equipment/installation troubles

All units and systems are complete with manuals and telephone support.  However, if you need someone to come to your facility, we will be happy to quote you on that as well. 




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