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Filtration and Wastewater Analysis

Met-Chem lab.

Met-Chem has a lab onsite where we have the ability to run some basic tests as well as those that are more analytical.

Filter Press Feasibility and Sizing Test:

If we or one of our customers is not certain that a filter press is the correct application, we can run a lab filter press test.  With less than a gallon* of your typical wastewater, we can see if a filter press will provide the desired result.  We will then send you the filtrate (liquid) as well as the solids that we are able to separate from your waste stream.  This will also help us to determine whether or not a filter aid will be required for your slurry.  The filter press test can also provide information enabling us to estimate the percentage of solids in order to properly size a unit.

Sludge Dryer Testing:

Another standard test is a sludge dryer test.  With this test, we take the filter cake (solids that have been separated from your waste stream from a filter press) and we heat them in our lab in a sludge dryer simulation oven.  This tells us if a sludge dryer will be beneficial and also helps in assessing the total drying time and solids reduction that you should expect.

Our Frazier Differential Pressure Air Permeability instrument allows us to determine which fabric would be best for your application.

Frazier Test:

Met-Chem routinely conducts flow rate testing via our Frazier tester. The Frazier test helps us to determine the air permeability of a given fabric.  It measures air flow and rates fabric by CFM rating.  This is the widely accepted industry standard to measure permeability.  It is actually more accurate than micron rating as air has no shape or size.

Waste Water Treatment Test:

Our other testing is more involved.  These analyses are conducted for full waste treatment systems or we can focus solely on specific aspects of your system.  This type of testing provides information on the amount and what type of chemistry that will be required of your system from pH adjust to polymer additions in order to keep your wastewater treatment system operating at the optimal level.

Please note that there is a charge for some of our testing.  However, the cost of the test is deductible from a future purchase.

Evaporator Functional Pilot Testing:

The purpose of conducting the evaporator feasibility test is to determine whether or not an evaporator is the correct solution for your particular application.  It is far better to accomplish this via a pilot test rather than onsite.

This testing also helps us to determine the operating recommendations for your wastewater in order to optimize the performance of your evaporator. 

Our waste stream analysis is unique just as every waste stream is unique.  Our testing provides an accurate demonstration of how each waste stream will function in an evaporator.  Ultimately we will be able to determine the expected reduction wastewater volume which is typically 90-99%.

*We cannot accept samples larger than 1 gallon.  Larger samples will be refused by our shipping department.