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Sludge Blowdown System:

Sludge Blowdown System

This system is designed to monitor the time the Clarifier is in use, i.e. when the pump that feeds the beginning of the gravity flow waste stream leading to the Clarifier, the timer is timing. After the predetermined time has elapsed, the controller will automatically open the discharge valve and activate the discharge pump to the sludge thickening Tank, and then automatically turn off the pump and close the valve. System includes: Sludge Valve, air vale and control panel with timers and cast iron diaphragm pump.

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Waste Water Treatment Systems Case Study: Just to clarify…: A new boarding school needed to put in a self-contained sanitary waste treatment system to handle all water sources generated at their facility. Met-Chem designed and built two 120 GPM clarifiers with flocculation tanks, and custom catwalks built to fit space limitations and overlook and operate the waste treatment system.