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JWI used filter press, 10.5 cubic feet, (21) 800mm Gasketed plates, center feed with 4 corner return, 1-3-1 button return for air blow down, automatic hydraulics. Unit ‘as is’ has an automatic pump control system for control of air pressure on diaphragm feed pump (consult sales for price to have reconditioned)  Filter Press can be removed from catwalk or ship with the catwalk/Stand for as is price. 


Dimensions: 190” L x 90” W x 97” T (catwalk) 155” L x 50” W x 55” T (Filter Press)



$25,000 without catwalk/stand


$32,500 with catwalk/stand

Call today (216) 881-7900 or email info@metchem.com



*All reconditioned equipment comes with a 30 day warranty