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Wastewater_Clarifier.jpg Inclined Parallel Plate Clarifiers, manufactured by Met-Chem are used as part of a wastewater treatment system for solids settling, are constructed of carbon steel with coal tar epoxy lining on the inside, and epoxy coating on the exterior. The internal plate pack is set at 60% for optimum settling and is constructed of a epoxy-coated steel shell with plastic plates.
60 GPM clarifier with floculation tank and sludge cone.

Met-Chem's clarifiers offer these special benefits
  • Unit is Completely Assembled
  • Low Installation
  • Conservative Design 0.2 GPM/Ft2
  • Completely Automatic, Gravity in Gravity Out
  • Reduced Floor Space
  • Large Compartment Floculation Tanks with Mixer for Extra Retention Time
  • Meets EPA Discharge Limits for Metal Finishing Wastes
120 GPM clarifier with double sludge cones.

Clarifiers.jpg The Met-Chem clarifier uses the time proven concept of inclined plate clarification. This type of clarifier uses gravity in conjunction with the projected settling area of the 60o angle parallel plates to settle solids from the pre-treated liquid flow. This treated liquid flows first to the flocculation tank where polymer is added to promote floc growth, then up through the plate pack(s) while the solids settle out to the bottom sludge cones. The clean water flows out through our special laundering troughs to plant discharge or for polishing for water reuse. The solids are intermittently taken from the bottom cone to a filter press for further dewatering.
35 GPM clarifier with optional catwalk and ladder.

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Contact Us:  837 E. 79 Street ~ Cleveland, Ohio 44103
(216) 881-7900 ~ FAX (216) 881-8950  ~