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Filter fabrics

Fabric Type



Staple-Spun Short fibers spun into yarns, which are then woven fabric. Rough surface with protruding fiber ends; fair cake release; excellent solids retention.
Multifilament Bundles of small diameter continuous filaments twisted into yarns, which are then woven into fabric. Smooth surface; good cake release; good solids retention. Generally good resistance to blinding.
Monofilament Relatively large diameter continuous filaments, each one forming a complete thread in the fabric. Simulates wire cloth or screen. Smooth surface; excellent cake release; fair solids retention; excellent precoat support.
Felt Mechanically interlocked fibers forming a dense, but porous, medium. Fuzzy surface, fair cake release; very good solids retention. Synthetic Felt can have special surface finish for excellent release and low blinding.
Non-Woven Often like paper in appearance. Fiber web, resign or solvent bonded and/or formed into a sheet by hear and pressure. Smooth surface (special finish can produce very slick surface); cake release corresponds to surface finish; solids retention related to depth and weight.


Fabric Characteristics

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