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Filter Press Automatic
630 MM Automatic Filter Press

Filter Press Manual
Manual 470 MM 1 Cu. Ft. Filter Press

Filter Press with Dumpster
Two 10 Cu. Ft. Filter Presses with Dumpsters on flatbed ready ot ship

Filter Press
Filter Press




Filter Press

Filter Press, New MetChem Filter Press
Automatic filter press with safety cage

Filter Press (es) have been the focus of Met-Chem Manufacturing for many years. Filter presses (also known as Plate and Frame) have many benefits.  One, in particular, is that for such a large piece of machinery it has few parts to it.

The different parts to a filter press include

  • the steel skeleton,
  • the filter plates,
  • the hydraulic pump and cylinder,
  • the plumbing which includes the manifold and center feed pipe,
  • and the filter press cloths.

The simplicity of the filter press means there is little maintenance work that is needed to be done to the press.

The filter press skeleton and filter press plates need zero repairs and as long as the press is operated properly they will last a lifetime.

Filter Press: Link to Filter Press Videos
Not sure how Filter Presses work? Check out some of our videos that help explain.

Filter Presses have been the focus of Met-Chem manufacturing for many years.  We have built a solid reputation for building quality Filter Presses, Clarifiers, Sludge Dryers, Complete Waste Treatment Systems, Filter Cloths and Filter Plates.  Our filter presses have been used in a variety of industries from plating and metal finishing to chemical and food processing to name a few.  Met-Chem Filter Presses feature heavy duty steel construction with polypro gasketed plates. These filter presses can be manufactured with manual or automatic closures, but always with a hydraulic cylinder for sure, high pressure closing. Met-Chem’s filter presses can be expanded for larger future capacity by building it in a larger skeleton with a distance piece.  Once you are ready to expand, you can remove the distance piece  and add the extra plates.

Filter Press: Custom Filter Press options, including coatings and paint

Specialty Coatings for Filter Presses - For extremely corrosive environments Met-Chem can provide specialty coatings to replace our standard 2-part epoxy paint. This can include sand blasting of the frame and the addition of a 2-part Vinyl Ester Coating.

Met-Chem has the capability to manufacture to your specifications.  Our Sales and Engineering team will work together to find the proper solutions to effectively handle your filtration needs.  In addition to having a long history of being used for wastewater treatment, Met-Chem filter presses have been successfully used in food grade applications.  Aside from our standard polypro plates, we can provide membrane plates for special or food grade applications. 

Standard Filter Press Features:

  • Air Driven Hydraulic Closing Pump with Pressure Gauge on Automatic Units
  • 2 Stage Hand Pump on Manual Units
  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinder for Opening and Closing of Press
  • Polypro Gasketed Recessed Plates for Leak Free Operation
  • Air Blown Manifold Piping for Air Drying Filter Cakes
  • Air Line Filter, Oiler, Regulator and Gauge on Automatic Units
Filter Press: Glass enclosures for Filter Presses

Fiber glass Enclosures for Filter Presses - For extremely corrosive environments Met-Chem can provide fiber glass enclosures.  These can include such options as sliding Lexon doors and Fiber Glass Sludge Funnels.

Filter Press Options:




1-5 CU. FT.


2-10 CU. FT.


5-30 CU. FT.


15-50 CU. FT.


40-150 CU. FT.


100-300 CU. FT.

Additional information:

Filter Press with catwalk and chute mounted above
Sludge Dryer

From PF Online: Filtration: A Simple Solution for a Big Problem: New Product From: Products Finishing, Edited by Hannah Coombs, Assistant Editor from Products Finishing ~ Posted on: 2/1/2017 ~ Cloth blinding can be a major issue. Precoating might be the answer. 

Filter Press:  Plate and Frame vs. Recessed Plate What is the difference between a plate and frame filter press and a recessed plate filter press?

Water Treatment Case Study: A Clean Lagoon is a Good Lagoon: Fiberboard Manufacturer's existing system could not handle the volume of paper pulp being generated.  They needed to clear out the sediment that was accumulating in their lagoon that were in violation of environmental regulations.

Membrane Filter Press Article: A membrane press can reduce cycle time by approximately, 50% on average and, in some cases, even as much as by 75% depending upon the application.

Filter Press Case Study: No time to Waste - Emergency Filter Press Repair and Replacement: The client contacted Met-Chem with an immediate need for repair.  Aside from the safety concerns of a damaged press, a filter press cannot run with a broken skeleton.  For this application, waste was continuously generated, which rendered this an emergency situation. 

Filter Press Case Study: Turning water into Gold: To dewater the gold concentrate, Met-Chem installed a 1200MM filter press, and to eliminate the need for tailing ponds, Met-Chem designed a 1500MM filter press to dewater the tailings concentrate.