Waste Water Treatment Systems


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Met-Chem has designed, sold and installed many waste water treatment systems over the years. We can build the necessary components to enable you to do work or we can design the whole system to meet your needs. We can engineer the system, produce all the drawings, prepare the EPA paperwork, manufacture the equipment and install it at your request. Our prices are always very competitive because we manufacture all the major components ourselves in our Cleveland, Ohio facility. Waste treatment system
120 GPM turn key installation on nickel/chrome plating waste.

Waste Treatment Control Panel
Waste Water Treatment Equipment
Waste treatment system
30 GPM system for cyanide and chrome waste
water with end of pipe multi-media and
carbon filters for water recycle.

Filter Presses Clarifiers Sludge Dryers Waste Treatment Systems Filter Bags
Atmospheric Evaporators Poly Products Recovery Systems Closed Loop

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