5 GPM waste water treatment system, Hoffland Environmental- ALERT 2000. The system contains (1) 37 gallon EQ tank with a pump. The flow will then go into a pH adjust tank, roughly 70” x 58”, with a mixer. This tank will have chemistry added from a metering pump and provided storage tank. The flow from this tank will then go into the floc tank of the clarifier. The floculant will be stored in a provided tank and fed via a metering pump. The flocculation tank has two compartments and contains 1 flash mixer and 1 slow rake mixer. The flow will then enter a lamella style clarifier. After the solids settle in the clarifier they will be pumped through a 1.25 cubic foot filter press with 470mm plates. The filter press is gasketed and uses a manual hand pump. This unit has two control panels for the addition and monitoring of chemistry.
The main unit contains the clarifier and filter press and has overall dimensions of 95” L x 83” W x 89” H.
Original manufacturer guarantees less that 2 part per million effluent discharges.
Original manual will be provided with the unit.